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Networkers - Thursday, August 27, 2009

xPortal in the Cisco Networkers Event - Acapulco Mexico

Cisco Networkers are Cisco's annual user conferences that serve the global IT and communications community through local offerings that combine technical training with networking opportunities and the latest products and information from Cisco and Cisco Partners.

At Cisco Networkers, Cisco engineers and developers will give you the intensive, comprehensive technical training you need to turn today's change into a competitive advantage.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our exciting events around the world.

xPortal Group - Cisco Partner - Thursday, August 27, 2009
xPortal Group is now premier partner of Cisco, with this becomes the first company in Latin America to provide communications solutions, voice, data, application integration and complete turnkey solutions
xPortal Server & Cisco Contact Center Business Case - Monday, February 09, 2009

Please know about our Business Case

Empresas mexicanas ya cuentan con presencia en Silicon Valley y atienden al mercado anglosajón, y en - Monday, September 15, 2008

Monterrey,  México (14/9/2008).- Podrán no ser los grandes corporativos o las enormes transnacionales, pero algunas empresas pequeñas y medianas de origen mexicano han sabido cómo conquistar con su tecnología el mercado anglosajón y desde el corazón mismo del movimiento tecnológico: el Valle del Silicio.

Con productos y servicios muy especializados, y apoyados por la aceleradora de negocios de la Secretaría de Economía, TechBA (Technology Business Accelerator o Aceleradora de Negocios de Tecnología), 32 empresas mexicanas ya cuentan con presencia en Silicon Valley y atienden al mercado anglosajón, y en algunos casos, a todo el mundo.

xPortal Server as a Service (SAAS) - Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today, Solution Ware Group announced the release of xPortal Server as a Service offering the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. These offerings will include more solution from our catalog.

Solution Ware's overall goal is to provide users with access to information, wherever they are.

Silicon Valley - Wednesday, May 21, 2008

xPortal Server will be present in the 3rd Mexico Technology Showcase In the The Tech Museum of San Jose, Ca on May 28th, 2008


"Process Automation,
Monitoring & Optimization

xPortal Server® software is a powerful solution that allows organizations to automate, monitoring and optimize business process.

We can do it Affordable, Efficiently, Dynamic, Simple, Faster and Secure than any other...

“ Businesses worldwide would need to automate their processes not only to cut costs but also to provide Customer Satisfaction which will be the eventual differentiator in a fiercely competitive environment.”
xPortal Server ® gives you the ability to impact your most critical business processes and has a direct impact on cost, productivity, response time, visibility and profitability.

Why xPortal Server ® ?

- Flexibility
- Control
- Monitoring
- Tracking
- Collaboration
- Improvement
- Optimization

Business Process Management
Business process management BPM is a method of efficiently aligning an organization with the wants and needs of clients. It is a holistic management approach that promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility and integration with technology. As organizations strive for attainment of their objectives, BPM attempts to continuously improve processes - the process to define, measure and improve your processes.

Business Activity Management BAM

xPortal Server brings a BAM solution that is primarily intended to provide a real-time summary of business activities to operations managers and upper management.

The goals of Business Activity Monitoring are to provide real time information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions.

BPM Life Cycle
- Design
- Modeling
- Execution
- Monitoring
- Optimization

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Do you know what is BPM? (Business Process Management)

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